Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cleaning Out Our Closets

Top:  Paige.  Jeans:  7 for All Mankind.  Shoes:  Shelly's London.  Bag:  Vince Camuto.  
Hat:  Rag&Bone.  Sunglasses:  Le Specs.

Cropped boot-cut denim jeans??  Remember those?  I am totally having a 90's flashback right now, but as we all know, fashion is cyclical and the trends are ever changing.  What's old is new, and new is old etc etc.  

This brings me to a challenging question... What to toss and what to keep in our closets?  It is healthy to purge at least once a year because if not, you honestly have no clue what is in the depths of your closet, choosing outfits becomes more difficult, and you end up buying too many similar things that you already own, forgetting that you already have it.

Here are a few guidelines to follow when cleaning out your closet:

1.  Those items that were/are considered high ticket items or splurges when you bought them, think twice before tossing.  I have about 8 pieces that I bought when I worked at Neiman's like 10 years ago that I just can't part with.  So consider what you paid for them before discarding because most likely there are tons of other cheaper things hanging in your closet that you can toss! I have never done the resale route, but I have heard that is a good option for high ticket items.  However, I have had success selling a few of my old designer handbags on Ebay. 

2.  Anything that didn't wear well, wash well, looks "worn" - toss.

3.  If 2 consecutive seasons go buy without wearing something, its a gonner.  Meaning if I didn't wear it last summer, and this summer goes by without wearing it again, then it is just taking up room in my closet.  This applies to everything including bathing suits, jeans, etc.  I can't even tell you how many stacks of jeans I accumulated at one point.

I will say that when it comes to shoes, I keep them longer than clothes because storing shoes is easier. I make sure to keep my shoe box and when the season is over, I put my shoes back in their box and store them at the top of my closet with all the rest.  Most all of these boxes come with a picture or description on them, so it makes it easy to see what's going on up there.  I don't accumulate as many shoes per season as clothes, so I can go longer without having to reassess what I have.
Hope you have a great day!!!

xo, Jaime

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

TRF Picks // Summer Essentials

All of the sunshine - y days that will be upon of us soon (fingers crossed) calls for a round-up of my current favorite warm weather essentials!  P.S.  I have already ordered the red pom pom dress and white jumpsuit!!  

Have a wonderful day!!

xo, Jaime

Monday, May 23, 2016

Lilita Macrame

Top:  Ella Moss. Jeans:  Blank Denim.  Bag:  Rebecca Minkoff.  Shoes:  Sbicca (for half sizes size up).  Earrings:  Kenneth Jay Lane ( in silver here and just bought these).

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
I took the whole weekend off from work (which is rare as a blogger :) but I stayed up last night and was super productive!  A few days off did me good!  I saved the best part for last, which is searching my favorite sites for "just in" pieces to get my hands on the before everyone else does.  Some of my finds are pictured below, so all you have to do is click on the picture to shop.

Anyway, wish me luck this week!  My youngest two are out of school and my summer sitter doesn't start for 2 weeks.  Oh and we are moving in 2 weeks also.  Not sure what I wast thinking?
I think I'm still just in denial! Ha!

Have a great Monday!

xo, Jaime